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Time and Temperature.

The kitchen table. There she sat, completely alone before it, envisioning the bountiful feasts that it once displayed for the people she loved. The shadow of a smile tip-toed over her lips as she stared blankly, hoping that if she listened hard enough, she could hear the tinkling laughter of her children and bemused sigh … Continue reading

On Being Bland

Well, I continue to do a cruddy job of keeping up on my blog posts. I am doing an even poorer job of keeping up on finishing my novel. In my last post, I detailed Matt and my wedding, our honeymoon extravaganza, and talked a bit about married life as it has been for him … Continue reading

To Infinity and Beyond…and Back to Reality

Hello all! It has been far too long since I last posted, but as the photo above illustrates, I have been a little busy getting married…among other fabulous blessings! A new reality that is apparently quite bittersweet for my father is that I am officially Mrs. Cassandra Boehlke! Anyone who knows me at all knows … Continue reading

Going to the chapel, gonna get marrrrrried!

It has been far too long since my last blog post, for which I deeply apologize. I have been dividing my time between Bridezilla duties, chomping on Tums to quell inexplicable bouts of heartburn, moving 70% “stuff” and 30% important things into the new townhouse, and finding spare moments to put on a smile and … Continue reading

Odd and the Frost Giants and More

Howdy folks! Today, I am blogging in my most chipper, upbeat tone of “voice” to make for the utter Negative Nancy I am feeling like in real life. The wedding is less than 3 weeks out and the pressure is on! The multitudes of plans we have made are going to be coming into fruition … Continue reading

Being lost, being found, and expecting more

So it’s been a while since I have last updated. I know…tell you something you didn’t know, right? Well, I imagine you probably don’t know that I have been a mess of hormones during the past week or so due the fact that I started on a birth control regimen. I suppose it’s better than … Continue reading

Wahhhh, Boo Hoo, and an assortment of Rabble Rabble

This is my iPhone. We are codependent on one another. Look closely and you will notice that I have unwittingly abused him. WAHHH! His face now has a crescent shaped rift along the right side. I think the worse part is that, when using my little buddy, I can’t even feel the damage, just as … Continue reading

Sneak Peek: Laidy Mars and Her Adventures Elsewhere

  Hello all! Some of you have indicated to me that you are looking forward to when my book is finished, so I thought I would be oh-so-generous and post a 10 page sneak peek into the world I’ve come to know and cherish… the one I’ve created in what I hope will become my … Continue reading

Freedom and Matrimony

It was over 100 degrees today and this ghost of a girl avoided the outdoors like the plague. Consider that my obligatory “it is SO HOT outside/I am melting/WAHHHH” comment! In other news, the wedding planning is coming along quite well! My advice to you aspiring brides out there: be realistic. About every single thing. … Continue reading

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