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Letting the Butterflies On In

A cheetah can change its spots; a zebra can change its stripes; a man can change his behavior, and if he doesn’t, a woman can change her mind. But oftentimes, heartbreak doesn’t begin with a woman changing her mind. In fact, most of the time, hearts are pounded, squeezed, and crushed over a long period … Continue reading

Sick as a dog but feeling great!

Howdy folks! Don’t let my chipper mood fool you… I have spent the better part of the past two days sleeping or trying to keep snot from running down my face. I guess it’s better now than in Washington DC! Speaking of which… I can’t believe that I leave in less than a week! I … Continue reading

Long Live: A Short Story

She was a quiet girl, a people watcher and a fervent proponent of introspection, trapped in an extrovert’s body. She was caught in between wanting to be left alone and wanting to shine like the center of the known Universe. What was worse was that she was capable of being both. She had paid her … Continue reading

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