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Letting the Butterflies On In

A cheetah can change its spots; a zebra can change its stripes; a man can change his behavior, and if he doesn’t, a woman can change her mind. But oftentimes, heartbreak doesn’t begin with a woman changing her mind. In fact, most of the time, hearts are pounded, squeezed, and crushed over a long period … Continue reading

Look who’s back, back again…

Well, well, well… what have we here? Some fine lady getting fancy for the camera in front of the Memorial Amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington D.C? I believe we surely do! I spent the last week enjoying many of the things that our nation’s capital has to offer… museums, exclusive meetings with some … Continue reading

Guilt: You Won’t Get It Out of Me

Until moments ago, this was a post about the things and people that I have had to adjust to the idea of saying goodbye to in May…. But more specifically, about the people I need to say goodbye to now. As time passes, the sun has risen on what these people really are in my … Continue reading

One Thing You Should Know About Me…

I am absolutely in love with the film Titanic. Some people use this phrase flippantly but not I. I have known my fair share of people, read my fair share of books, heard my fair share of bands and songs, and seen my fair share of films. I consider myself nothing close to an expert … Continue reading

Sick as a dog but feeling great!

Howdy folks! Don’t let my chipper mood fool you… I have spent the better part of the past two days sleeping or trying to keep snot from running down my face. I guess it’s better now than in Washington DC! Speaking of which… I can’t believe that I leave in less than a week! I … Continue reading

Feeling quite blessed…

 Hello everyone! As promised, I am not great about updating my blogs on a regular basis but I can assure you that I am trying! Blogging is kind of a release for me… A platform through which I can share my life and explore my interests. I love writing and have thought about updating this … Continue reading

Here comes the bride…

As promised, I have been horrible at updating this blog on a consistent basis… but, for once, I have a few good reasons for my least favorite short-coming! I got a new job! We are finally getting our hands dirty and planning Matt and my wedding! I was awake for almost 30 hours straight on … Continue reading

10 Things You Love About Me

1: The number of hours left until I can stop pretending (badly) that I care about the Super Bowl, or the entire institution of professional football, for that matter.   2: Days down since I started back on Weight Watchers.   3: Pounds down since I started back on Weight Watchers.   4: The number … Continue reading

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