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To Infinity and Beyond…and Back to Reality

My husband, Matt, and I on our big day! Photo Credit: Steve Fig (Thank you!!)

Hello all! It has been far too long since I last posted, but as the photo above illustrates, I have been a little busy getting married…among other fabulous blessings!

My amazing (and studly) father walking me down the aisle… we took our time with that walk, and I will always cherish that. As Matt would say, no matter how old I get, I will always be BOTH a mama’s girl and a daddy’s girl. Photo Credit: Weaver. (Thanks!! I cherish this!)

A new reality that is apparently quite bittersweet for my father is that I am officially Mrs. Cassandra Boehlke! Anyone who knows me at all knows how much I love my family, but the name change isn’t bittersweet for me at all. I’m a Chester through and through. Anyone who knows me at all will ALSO know that! 🙂 lol… I’m just becoming a Boehlke too! I am hoping that, once I earn my stripes, this title change will also come with the goofy things Matt grew up with, such as driving combines when horribly underqualified and playing in dumptrucks full of soybeans. They have already let me go on a scissor lift!

Who says you can’t be both a suburban/city girl and hold your own in the country? Right?!

Behold: proof from our honeymoon that I am more than capable of getting my country on:

Matt and I all strapped in to our ATV!

We went on a 2-hour mountain excursion on an ATV, and although I squealed a few times when I thought we were going to tip over, I was the only woman to be seen on an ATV the entire time and I pretty much rocked it. We even went through a tunnel carved through the mountain!

I really love the way caves and tunnels smell, but I think that’s primarily because I enjoy the smell of “coolness.” I am sure that makes no sense at all, as temperatures don’t have scents, but I am also sure that at least one other person on the internet will understand what I am trying to communicate here.

SEE! We made it! I took this picture at the top of the mountain!

Our other many adventures included seeing The Campaign in a movie theater that served food and drinks to you AT YOUR SEAT — which Matt and I barely took advantage of because we were going to dinner afterwards, but it was still neat — a Segway tour, watching the anniversary edition of Jaws in a movie theater IN OUR HOTEL, paddle-boating, and a beautiful hike at a place called Bushkill Falls!

On my birthday, Matt was amazing and took us 4 hours out of our way to Collegeville, PA where we attended a book signing and pizza party with Amanda Hocking, one of my favorite authors, for the release of her much anticipated novel Wake.

First of all, let it be said that she is an absolute DOLL. Even though we were 15 minutes late, she was very kind to answer my questions related to self-publishing, writing synopses, and getting the attention of book reviewers and bloggers. She signed my book and also one for my sister!

“Cassie – Thank you! Congrats on the nuptials!” – Amanda Hocking

I also had the pleasure of meeting her friends Eric and Tiffany, who were also hilarious and sweet. I have been able to chat with them a bit via social media since the event and this whole experience has probably been the closest thing to “fan-girling” that I have had in a long time.

I read about 80% of the book before we even got home, and I have to be honest… I was a little concerned that it would be more “processed” and “packaged” than her previous books, now that she is traditionally publishing with St. Martin’s Press… but I think that it is my favorite one of her novels yet! A) The cover art is absolutely beautiful. B) The story takes place from the perspectives of the two main characters and thought that this was well-done and different and C) I had never read a story about sirens before, and much like I felt when I read her Trylle series, which is about trolls, it was refreshing to read some YA that deviated from the overly-beaten path of vampire and werewolf dramas.

In my mind, I was Paul Blart (the Mall Cop) the entire time. Seriously.

In other news, it turns out that Segways are more difficult to operate than I would have thought. For those who have never had the simultaneous pleasure and terror, these bad boys function because of gyroscopes and everything that you do on it depends on how you distribute your weight. Shifting your weight forward makes it go, shifting it backwards makes it stop, and pulling on the handles to the left or the right will turn you.

While Matt was fearlessly zipping about the parking lot and trails, going fast enough for me to be terrified for him — none of you have any idea what he was like when he broke his arm a few years ago… I do not want to experience that again — I was piddling about, nervously trying to avoid falling backwards even when I had been told ad nauseum that it is impossible to tip backwards off of the thing. About halfway through the excursion I had fully gained my Segway-legs, if you will, and I had a blast the entire time, but I was admittedly nervous going downhill, as this was when it was most important to slow down by shifting your weight backwards and you definitely felt like you were going to fall!

Still, it was awesome! Matt is convinced that, regardless of circumstances, if we are ever in a position to ride Segways again, we must take advantage every time. Part of me truly wonders if that will be his midlife crisis purchase.

I guess that will probably depend on whether time machines or hover boards are available by then…or if he is over his lifelong dream of owning a DeLorean.

Waterfall at Bushkill falls, where we went hiking.

On one of our last days, we went hiking at Bushkill Falls, and because my back was hurting from all of the travel via automobile, we weren’t able to hike quite as much as we both wished that we could. It was still beautiful and fun though! And as you can see in the picture, we tasted the rainbow. We didn’t even have to buy Skittles, which is fabulous, because that would have ruined the diet I pretend to be on!

Paddle-boating! Sunshine! Teamwork!

It turns out we are fabulous as paddle-boating. I only share this information on a need-to-know basis. We feel as if the entire world needs to know.

A pale person’s paradise.

What you see here is the view from one of our huge windows in our hotel room, which was conveniently located in an awesome tower!

And this was our view from the other window. How did we happen upon this luxurious mountain-top utopia? Well, I think a huge Thank You to the Ramada Inn is in order. You see, had their place not been purportedly ON FIRE when we arrived to check in, we might not have found what we considered to be the Atlantis of hotels (on the opposite end of the sea level spectrum, of course.)

All in all, we had a wonderful honeymoon and an even better wedding! I just cannot stress enough how amazing my mom, dad, matt’s parents, our grandparents, siblings, and bridal party members were in helping us to get ready for our big day. It went off completely without a hitch, and that is only thanks to the meticulous planning that my mom dedicated about half a year of her life to doing, on top of working and taking care of a household.

Simply put, Matt and I feel so blessed by those that love us and we look forward to a lifetime of returning the multitude of favors for them.

And although Matt and I have had our up’s and down’s, our trials and our triumphs… I know without a shadow of a doubt now that this marriage was God’s plan for us. A public Thank You is also in order for Pastor Jerry and Denise, John and Sue Birky, Rob Hatfield, and Beki Bambrick, along with the rest of our Open Door family. Without all of you, our families, and Christ, I don’t think that Matt and I would have such a solid foundation for our marriage, and I have seen enough marriages fail to know that this probably makes a difference. We have been given the love, support, and resources to get off to the best start I can think of, and have been given the guidance and wisdom to know the difference between romantic love and selfless, agape love. For those of you out there who are questioning what love truly is, suffice it to say that Hollywood has you fooled if you think that every single day is going to feel like butterflies, sunshine and honey.
I was fooled for a long time…thank God for all of the people I’ve discussed in this post, because without them, I am not certain that Matt and I would be married and I would have missed out on one of the very most wonderfully fulfilling relationships I have been entrusted with having.

Well folks, I have so much more in the way of news…job opportunities coming into fruition, progress with my novel, a fancy new website in the works thanks to my colleague and FIG friend, Aaron Wood with Moonfire Web Design… but I am afraid this post has filled up and I will save the rest for another day!

In case you didn’t know, I am pretty active on Twitter these day, so feel free to check visit and say hello! You can find me here, and of course you can find me via Facebook by clicking on the box to your right.

As always, thank you for reading!

C.F. Boehlke


One thought on “To Infinity and Beyond…and Back to Reality

  1. C.F, I loved the pictures and stories from your honeymoon!

    Posted by loisbroughton | August 30, 2012, 3:45 am

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