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Going to the chapel, gonna get marrrrrried!

It has been far too long since my last blog post, for which I deeply apologize. I have been dividing my time between Bridezilla duties, chomping on Tums to quell inexplicable bouts of heartburn, moving 70% “stuff” and 30% important things into the new townhouse, and finding spare moments to put on a smile and be sweet to Matt despite the stress. I do this because I figure, since he loves me and all, he deserves to occasionally recall what I was like and will again be like when the “Year of the Wedding” draws to a close on Saturday!

Ok so I haven’t been that bad. My mom has been alifesaver, as well as my dad, sister, brother, grandparents, bridesmaids and friends. I have managed to save face and avoid tearing off the faces of others when bumps in the road — and erupting volcanos of unnecessary minutiae and drama — came along.

I truly feel justified in clapping myself on the back for my ability to remain tactful at certain points when that was the last thing I wanted to be. Hundreds of heartfelt thanks go out to all the above mentioned people for helping me do this, and for helping with the whole thing!

My computer has been moved to the apartment and I am writing this post on my iPad. I have to say… I really despise the platform’s autocorrect feature. It screws up more than it corrects.

I suppose the only point to this post is to inform my tiny audience, which I love and appreciate dearly, that I am alive and happy and swell! I will post a plethora of pictures from the big day when we return from our honeymoon!

You can also peek at my Facebook account if you just can’t help yourself as I am sure I won’t be able to help myself as well… If I told you all I would be avoiding social media altogether on our trip, you wouldn’t have believed me anyways! 🙂 rightly so!

As many of your know, Amanda Hocking is my self-publishing inspiration and more significantly — as the stories themselves matter more to me than how they were delivered into my hands — my favorite indie author! Although, technically she isn’t indie anymore, but I don’t know what to call her as she certainly isn’t a sell out either! For the record, I have always resented the use of the term “selling out,” as it is often meant as a jab by unreasonably angry fans towards artists who become successful. Is there ever any question in a fan’s mind that the artist wants to be successful? Meeting the goal of finding a mainstream audience doesn’t mean the art is compromised… It just means you have to share it, and as a fan you should want to for 2reasons:

1) Your favorite artist will continue to have the resources to produce more art

2) You will be a part of a community that revolves around a common interest that is something you already loved!

Back on topic here, Amanda’s new novel, Wake, is out and you should pick it up! It came out yesterday and I want it now! However, Matt and I will be going to her tour event on 8/13, my birthday!!!, and I will be getting it there.

BONUS: Miss Hocking and her hilarious assistant anD “platonic life mate,” Eric, will be there!

You should come too! Also, Beki (my BFF) sent me a picture of the Wake display at B&N today to make me jealous! Thanks jerk! Someday when my books pick up steam and I make video blogs to promote them (and make crafts, because I will!!), see if I include you!! 😉

Well ladies and gentlemen, wish me luck! The aisle is long and so is my train. Most likely, dad and I will both be half blinded by tears. I am sure it will be a wonderful day 🙂

See you on the other side,




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