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Odd and the Frost Giants and More

Howdy folks!

Today, I am blogging in my most chipper, upbeat tone of “voice” to make for the utter Negative Nancy I am feeling like in real life. The wedding is less than 3 weeks out and the pressure is on! The multitudes of plans we have made are going to be coming into fruition and, predictably, some things have been going wrong. I am not handling it well. More than ever, I have been hanging onto the misadventures and alternate realities created by fellow — and more accomplished — wordsmiths to escape from the hoopla a bit.

As such, I am proud to admit that I have finished 2 whole books this week! I finished “The Girl Who Chases the Moon,” as referenced in my last post, two days ago. This was the first book I have read that was written from multiple characters’ perspectives that I really enjoyed. It is easy to see why this woman has become a best selling author!

I also just finished “Odd and the Frost Giants,” a modern throwback to old school fairy tales, by Neil Gaiman, one of my all time favorite authors. There are a lot of references to mythology and that hasn’t been a strong interest of mine, even from a storytelling perspective, ever. However, the main character, a little boy named Odd, who was innocent and frustratingly un-understandable, in his strangeness and crippled state, his family and fellow villagers, captured my heart within mere pages. At only 115 pages, it is a quick read but, pleasantly, it feels complete. I also loved the classic, fabric-encased hardback cover. I noticed recently that Barnes and Noble is re-releasing books in a throwback design to hardback fairy tales of old. I wish they would have designed them less flamboyantly and more in the style that Gaiman chose. I really like it.

In other news, if you are in the Northwest Indiana area and are looking for new books to stock your personal library, I highly recommend you check out the PNC bookstore. They always have a set of clearance shelves and these books are relatively new releases. Not a lot of people take advantage of the non-academic books sold there and therefore they go on clearance. I have gotten at least 20 books there at 50-75% off the list price, which is perfect for me because I am broke. I tend to read a lot of ebooks but I think I will always prefer to have a hybrid library.

I plan to write another chapter of Laidy Mars tonight. I’m edging closer and closer and I am in the market for a few trustworthy,dependable beta readers soon. I will be looking for folks that can be trusted not to share my draft unbeknownst to me and who are qualified to give me constructive criticism on both simple things like grammar and more complex issues like plot, pacing and character development. Shoot me an email at cchester@pnc.edu if that sounds like you.

Until next time,

C.F. Boehlke



4 thoughts on “Odd and the Frost Giants and More

  1. Count on me!

    Posted by loisbroughton | July 26, 2012, 2:48 am
  2. I actually enjoy the B&N covers visually and texturally speaking. However my proverbial “beef” with it is that it is a mixture of the upper class leatherbound book cover with lower class illustrated cover. They used to have all leather, plain book covers but then they switched. Thusly I could not get an upper class looking book shelf with their books, therein laid my disappointment.

    Posted by Sam | July 26, 2012, 3:42 am
    • It appears as if we have precisely the same “beef,” but you worded it better. My disdain lies in the shoddy illustrations. I prefer the simpler look of the plainly bound book, perhaps with engraved script, without the superfluous, extravagant illustrations. With “Odd and the Frost Giants,” there was one small simple illustration on the front and the art work was very traditionally drawn like that in fairy tales I grew up with, much like the drawings inside. I liked the simplicity of the binding, the simple golden script, and the tasteful but decorative illustration. The ones at Barnes and Noble feel like a misguided attempt at fanciness.

      Posted by cfboehlke | July 26, 2012, 6:17 am
  3. I haven’t looked inside, how are the inner illustrations?

    Posted by Sam | July 26, 2012, 9:26 pm

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