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Being lost, being found, and expecting more

So it’s been a while since I have last updated.

I know…tell you something you didn’t know, right?

Well, I imagine you probably don’t know that I have been a mess of hormones during the past week or so due the fact that I started on a birth control regimen. I suppose it’s better than the mess of hormones I would be if I got pregnant during the next year. Through that lens, all things considered, I guess it’s cool.

I finished my temporary job in the Chancellor’s office at school and for the first time in 2 years, I am without definite employment at PNC. I feel a little bit lost, to be honest. I am on campus right now, actually. To be fair, I had 2 meetings today, but I have a feeling I would have come out regardless.

I’ll be leaving soon to go home and work on wedding stuff and/or write.

Yesterday I went to the county fair, as we have our church service there once a year. I have a weakness for cotton candy… hence, why I only permit myself to go to the fair once per season. They used to do a combine demolition derby, and funnily enough, this was one of my first formal dates with Matt. The farmer boy taking the suburban girl out on a date…to a combine demo derby… It was certainly a sight to behold, and one of my fondest recurring memories of our relationship! There I sat, in a grandstand full of people in coveralls, straw and cowboy hats, and grease monkeys, very much the one that stuck out like a sore thumb in my red wide-brimmed hat, gigantic sunglasses, sundress, and flashy purse. Granted, the red hat served a purpose in preventing my fair skin from getting sunburned, but I do think that, at some subconscious level, I had dressed to the nines in some misguided attempt to go undercover… camouflaged and unrecognizable in a place that was VERY not my element.

I had so much fun that night and I looked forward to attending the derby with Matt every year. We had a few good runs before the farmers who participated made the decision to take a hiatus for economic reasons. I really wish it would come back…

I have been reading The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen and I have flown through it. I imagine I will finish it when I get back home, before I work on wedding items, and I am sad that the story will be coming to a close.

I have also been utilizing a few new writer resources to draw some loose ends tight on my manuscript. There were a few nagging inconsistencies that I felt needed to be addressed before I moved on and completed it. I am starting to wonder if I fear finishing it, as I sometimes feel that I am dragging my heels a bit. I don’t want this journey to end…but I realize it doesn’t have to. Sure, I could write a sequel, and perhaps I will! I feel as if there are so many more nooks and crannies of this world — and its inhabitants — to explore. Perhaps it does not have to end here…

Speaking of sequels, trilogies, series, and so on… I have noticed more increasingly that I am less satisfied by stand-alone books than I used to be. Is it just me? Are we starting to expect a higher return on investment? Are we starting to expect that, after taking the time to get to know characters, their worlds, their hopes, dreams, fears, and follies, that we will in turn get to know MORE of their futures? Are we collectively expecting more than the average stand-alone works of fiction can provide, in terms of depth, detail, and longevity?

On a final note, I am thrilled that I will have the chance to meet Amanda Hocking, one of my favorite indie authors, at her event in Pennsylvania while Matt and I are on our honeymoon! He was so sweet to be willing to go….what a catch! 🙂

Onward and upward..




One thought on “Being lost, being found, and expecting more

  1. Well, Grandmas are last to know..I suppose you will use bc pills as an excuse for the lost of one of the games of Quirkle yesterday…lolol What an exciting time you are going thru. The wedding will all go well and before you know you it will be in the past and ;you will wonder if you really did it or not. Life is like that you know. You just need to get one thing done at a time, day by day.. Remember, you are Grandma’s little girl and I am here.

    Posted by Martha Noak Chester Johnson | July 23, 2012, 6:46 pm

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