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Wahhhh, Boo Hoo, and an assortment of Rabble Rabble

This is my iPhone.

We are codependent on one another.

Look closely and you will notice that I have unwittingly abused him.


His face now has a crescent shaped rift along the right side. I think the worse part is that, when using my little buddy, I can’t even feel the damage, just as I can’t for the life of me recall how it was inflicted.

Perhaps it would be more appropriate for me to be charged with neglect than abuse.

I am waiting for a vengeful, posthumous Steve Jobs to visit in my dreams, with the hardly-functional Droid 2 that my little iPhone buddy rescued me from in his hand, sentencing me to a life of glitch-riddled technology as the penance for what I have — again, unwittingly — done to his “amazing” product.

RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE — Android fans irate over my Apple fan-girling and gall to state a negative opinion of Android-operated devices based on three subsequent negative experiences with them.

In other news…I have started hard-journaling again. That is, I have started physically writing in a real, paper-sandwiched between front and back covers, journal.

I am not doing this to leave you fine folks out of the loop on things, but in a way… I kind of am. Like many of you who have, over time, spent more time on the web, I have noticed a nasty desire of mine to plaster my life all over it.

I used to treat Facebook like it was my dirty laundry basket plopped in the middle of town square and I have managed to put that to an end, for the most part.

But, this is not without an unnecessarily large amount of effort.

I have misused this very blog before, as well, posting content that is not representative of what I would want my readers to know about the person I aspire to be daily.

It’s so easy to “vent to” the internet and it’s addicting because, unlike venting to someone who cares about us, the internet can’t, and doesn’t care to, solve our problems or assuage us. You vent, and vent, and BOO HOO, and vent… comforted at first by the “likes” and comments intended to validate or support what you said… but then, as you do it more, you realize these “likes” and “comments” come less and less often because, just like in real life, it doesn’t take long to grow weary of someone who has a negative outlook on everything.

You start to feel ignored. You start to vent about how no one cares or listens to you.

You ARE being ignored. And no one is listening to you because you never actually contact them and ask them to listen to you anymore. Instead, you just make a post on your blog, website, Facebook, Twitter, or (if you’re reallllly dumb) LinkedIn and expect them to read between the lines.

I came to the painful realization that I was becoming “that guy” at various points over the last year, thanks to my ever-growing faith and conviction to try to live my life according to what Christ says in the Bible, and also thanks to a couple of people who had the guts to let me know.

I’m glad they did and I’m glad I got a physical journal.

Besides, it’s more interesting to write down all of your feelings and risk someone stealing it and reading them than it is to openly plaster them all over the the place and know that they will.

Isn’t it?

-C.F. Boehlke



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