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Time to Vote, Folks!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment has arrived for you to put your money where your mouth is and vote for your favorite entry from last week’s Mad Lib submissions!

Our submissions hail from the following lovely ladies… Ashley McGriffin, Lois Broughton (twice!), Jennifer Richter, Georgia Barnett, and Sami Chester.

You can find all of their tales here and the poll to vote here!

Head on over to vote and please send all of your friends my way as well! Their visit to my page will be much appreciated and I’m sure the aforementioned lovely ladies will be appreciative of all votes received!

There are victories to be won and prizes to be had! The stakes are higher than they ever have been before… your two cents are worth their weight in gold, so seize the day! In this economy, you may never know what deflation feels like again!

Off on Another Adventure,

C.F. Boehlke



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