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Fun on Fig, Fun on Facebook

“This brought back too many memories. One’s that I’d rather forget. I was blessed with good parents. But, others around weren’t so lucky. Physical abuse, boozing,resentment for the way thing’s are and being poor… Sadly, they didn’t find gold. The fact that she put it back broke my heart. Her one chance to better herself and she thought she was to old to want a better life. No self worth. I wonder if this is some one the author knew. Sad story.”

– Lavender Rose

What you see above is a post made in Fresh Ink Group’s forum, in a thread that was designated for my short story,The Young 49’er. This is the very first reaction I have received to my story from anyone that was not associated with FIG, my family, my friends, or PNC.

Lavender Rose, whoever you are…you made my day! In case you ever see this, in response to your wondering… this story of this woman is not of anyone in particular that I know, aside from perhaps the characteristics that drive her to settle for a life she does not want. I was, I suppose, influenced and inspired by the lack of self-worth of a few people that I know. The rest I shall leave a mystery to the interwebs!

In other fun news, I decided to finally create a Facebook page for what I am referring to as my literary identity. You can find it here…


I do hope that you will follow it and share with your friends! My goal is simply to share my work with as many people as possible and garner as much feedback as they are willing to give me, so that I may continue to hone my craft. Ultimately, my goal is to see my work-in-progress, a novel, published, so of course I will talk about my adventures through that as well. This ought to be fun!

With love,




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