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Why Should a Title Be Optional?

I am surprised that a WordPress entry is not required to have a title. Perhaps I am old-school here, woefully not en vogue, but the lack of a title — whether it be for a blog post, song, short story, or novel — does not piqué my interest with its implied edginess. Rather, it annoys me with its explicit vagueness. Can something even be explicitly vague? Well, that is a conundrum and I believe that titling a piece of work as ‘Untitled’ fits the bill quite well.

Remember when Prince decided to change his name to that symbol and he had the audacity to expect us to call him The Artist Formerly Known as Prince? Yeah, well, here is how that went down with me… He officially became That Ego-centric Moron Who Implicitly Refers to Himself as a Sex Symbol. Either way, he quickly became too exhausting to talk about.

Not good. Sigh. Hang on just a moment, would you please?

Alright, there. I climbed down from my gilded soapbox.

As I mentioned in my last post, I have finally earned the right to drink copiously from the goblet of the fabled college graduate and my cup run overfloweth with coveted writing time! I have written over seven thousand words in the last five days and the hamster is still running full speed on its wheel.

I am a wizard and words explode from my fingertips!

I am also incurably grandiose, but given the amount of worry I endured today… Personal alert!!… from my dad being back in the hospital, I feel entitled on a whole new level. 😉

I found a blog titled SlushPileTales here on WordPress and, for my writer friends and aspiring authors (as well as general literati and word lovers), I highly recommend it! The blogger is a literary agent and I am finding her posts to be very helpful as I prepare to wrap up my manuscript, edit, and begin querying.

Thank you to everyone who has said a prayer or offered a word of encouragement today to my father, myself or my family. I love you all and as always, thank you for taking an interest in this long-winded passion of mine 🙂





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