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What’s a Hutchmoot, You Say?

Recently, the dearest wife of our Associate Pastor sent me the following link, which I would like to humbly urge fellow artistic folks of the faithful variety to check out as well:


Also, I would like to selfishly discourage these very same fellow artistic folks of the faithful variety from registering, or beating me to the punch in doing so, seeing as how they only sell 100 tickets and these tickets usually sell out within hours on March 1!

I sent this link to my grandma, who is also a writer and who has given me indispensable advice and encouragement related to life, love, and the craft of writing over the years, via Facebook. As much as I hate Facebook – note this entry – I clearly cannot dispose of it. In fact, I’ve been considering adding to the Facebook mania that has become my life…. I may be creating my very own C.F. Boehlke fan page! Why? Because I’m a narcissist, clearly…and because it’s often a great place to find new readers!

Back to the point…and the future… which is in two days… I have to decide whether I am going to order tickets to this seemingly utopian convening of – gasp!!! – people like me! People who love writing, love God, may be shy, probably need to be forced to get over that once in a while, are mistaken to have qualities that they really don’t because they have the quality of being an amazing showman…. good old-fashioned messy, dysfunctional-but-still-trying human beings with common interests!

The timing for this decision really couldn’t be worse. I leave for Washington D.C. on Saturday for an excursion of absolute academic and patriotic delight… i.e. a travel study course with PNC. While the course is pretty much paid for at this point, I am sure to spend money when I am there. The other issue is that this Hutchmoot deal-io is in September, and I have no idea what my employment status will be at that point. Sure, I’d only need to take a three day weekend off of the job that I hope I have by that point, but who is to say I’ll have personal days to use? Plus, I will have just taken my honeymoon the month prior.

I’m a worry wart. That’s why I need to do this. Plus, I am really getting somewhere with my chosen craft lately…speaking of which…

Here is my shiny new author’s page with Fresh Ink Group!! My short story – AND my sister’s (photographer Sami Chester) fabulous photograph – has been published and I also won an entire profile on their site! I will be updating the pages associated with my profile as soon as I finished working with their Creative Director to learn how to use them.

I received an email from him tonight actually, in response to a question about the average traffic their site receives, and suffice it to say… my writing has never been exposed to this many people on any given month (or year, or millenium) before! I am quite excited πŸ™‚

It turns out that The Young 49’er, the short story that won second place in their contest and started all of this madness, will be in their anthology later this year and that I may also include a second one if I would like! So… for the very first time, I will be seeing something of mine in print that I did not print myself! Woot!

I think I will go to Hutchmoot. The more that I think about it as I write this blog, the more I want to take advantage of the opportunity that Jen gave me, should God make it possible with my future employer, by sending me that information. Also, I have a feeling that as I get married and do all the growing-up I probably should have done by now, I won’t have as many opportunities to spend time with my grandma. Life is finally going to take her and my grandpa on all of those imaginary vacations they have been taking virtually over the past few years. I’m sure they are going to win the lottery or join the circus or something amazing… or start traveling in boxcars of trains, since he loves trains so much. I had better take advantage of the sane version of them while I have it! πŸ™‚

Speaking of grandparents… I miss my other ones! They are both busy being warm in the south and I’m getting jealous. Come home and be cold with me! As I said earlier in this post… I’m just a little bit selfish πŸ˜‰

Nighty night!

C.F. Boehlke



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