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Sick as a dog but feeling great!

Howdy folks!

Don’t let my chipper mood fool you… I have spent the better part of the past two days sleeping or trying to keep snot from running down my face. I guess it’s better now than in Washington DC!

Speaking of which… I can’t believe that I leave in less than a week!

I wrote and posted (www.writerscafe.org/cchester) a new short story the other day titled Everything We Could Have Been.

Speaking of my writing… I received another email from Fresh Ink Group, informing me that not only will The Young 49’er be featured on their website, but I will also have an author’s page on their site where I may showcase additional work. Finally, and perhaps the best part, two of my short stories will be included in an anthology that will come out, in print, later this year!! And I get five complementary copies! Woot woot!

All of this good news has inspired me to get my butt back in gear with Laidy Mars. In fact, my big plans for the long weekend had been to knock out another 10K words, but instead, this cold knocked ME out!

Oh well 🙂 I’ve had plenty of time to indulge in Netflix and get my beauty rest!

Enjoy your health folks! We always seem to take it for granted until it takes a vacation, or checks out entirely.






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