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Excuse Me For Calling It Like It Is

Today has been the kind of day that has me smiling half the time and wishing I could lock my mouth and throw away the key the other half of the time.

Or, rather, stick all of my fingers in Chinese Fingercuffs and step away from the keyboard.

The internet allows us to be passive aggressive and disguise it as wit or sarcasm. This bothers me because people make implications, comments, insinuations, and accusations that they would never dare make to someone’s face. We all do it. Myself included. I have fed the cycle, but I have been learning more and more when to step away.

If I didn’t use Facebook for connecting with various groups at my University and marketing various interests, I would delete it altogether.

If I didn’t think it would be a useful platform for keeping people in the loop on my writing, I would delete it altogether.

If I didn’t think that using Facebook is inescapable, I would delete it altogether. I am in too deep. I have too many gadgets.

 I have gotten used to sharing too much information with too many people who are nosy more than anything else.

I have gotten too used to invading my own privacy.

I hear the weather is getting crappy. Tonight, I’ll be dining with some new friends as we celebrate a couple of recent publications. One of these is my own. It’s strange that the people who know me the least are most excited to celebrate my success.

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Off to finish a few final tasks before the work day ends and the party begins!




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