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10 Things You Love About Me

1: The number of hours left until I can stop pretending (badly) that I care about the Super Bowl, or the entire institution of professional football, for that matter.


2: Days down since I started back on Weight Watchers.


3: Pounds down since I started back on Weight Watchers.


4: The number dogs that our family can legally own according to municipal laws. We currently own three and I am feeling like pushing the envelope lately.


5: The number of bridesmaids that I have in my August 2012 wedding. By the grace and miracle of God, we somehow found one dress that pleased all five of them, my mom, and most importantly (BRIDEZILLA, ACTIVATE!), me yesterday.


6: The number of people (my bridesmaids and mom) that will understand the inside joke made in parenthases above.


7: Too many peoples’ “lucky number.”


8: My favorite number, if I were to actually have one. Why? Because if it had one more little circle attached to the bottom, it would look like a snowman. I am a glass 2/3 full kind of girl.


9: The number of people I am blessed to have at my side in Student Government, making my new role as President easier and far more fun, as we do our best to serve the students without inadvertantly inconveniencing and irritating others.


10: The monetary bill (second only to the two dollar bill) I am most excited to find in my pocket, car, bed, what-have-you. As for why I find money in my bed, don’t go getting any ideas. I fall asleep in my clothes a lot. I also lose money a lot, which is a shame because I positively cannot afford to do so.


So there you have it, folks…ten things that you hardly needed to know about me, my life, and my opinions. In terms of the theme of this blog… I have been reading Taft 2012, a positively delightful novel by Jason Heller. The premise is that President Taft, who has essentially been hibernating for a century while he was presumed to be dead, wakes up in modern day America and hilarity ensues. I have only read a chapter or two so far but the experience has thus far been quite enjoyable!


I will keep you posted as I progress through the book. In the meantime, pick up the book (it’s available in e-book format as well!) and let’s make this a book club!


Signing Off,


C.F. Boehlke



One thought on “10 Things You Love About Me

  1. I like your countdown and I want to read TAFT2012. I am reading DEATH COME TO PEMBERLY b y P.D. James the great British mystery writer who wrote this while in her nineties. It is what happens to the characters of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE six years after that book ends

    Posted by Lois Broughton | February 6, 2012, 3:15 am

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